San Pedro Rock, which mined for quite a few years in San Lazarus Gulch, north of the fire station, is applying to BLM for a new 20-year permit to resume mining on new ground. This would greatly increase their legal mining area and trucking through our neighborhood. They have been closed for a year or two because they ran out of good material. Approval of this plan would result in resumed mining and trucking in our neighborhood, locked in for 20 years!

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Here is a page with the main issues we've identified
that we believe are reasons to deny the permit.

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The public comment period for the EA is open until August 2,2020. Please take the time to learn how this project will affect you. Voice your concerns by sending in comments!

There are four documents you can comment on:

Mining and Reclamation Plan (Exhibit 1 on the BLM web site)
Environmental Assessment ("San Pedro Rock Min..." on the BLM site)
Wildlife Survey (Exhibit 2 on the BLM web site)
Botanical Report (Exhibit 3 on the BLM web site)

The most important docs are the Mining and Reclamation Plan (MRP) and the
Environmental Assessment (EA).
The MRP tells us what they plan to do and the
EA tells us how they think it will affect us.

The link to BLM's web site, with the documents and comment form:

Want to know how to make an effective comment?
Here's how to do it.

Comments can be made
online via the BLM web site

... or via 'snail mail'.
If you do mail-in comments, please specify it's a comment on:
NEPA Number DOI-BLM-NM-F020-2019-0012-EA,
the San Pedro Rock Mine Expansion Project.

Send to:
Bureau of Land Management
c/o Brad Higdon
226 Cruz Alta Road
Taos, New Mexico 87571

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SPNA Documents Page
Community Plan, BLM RMP, Many More 'Saved' Docs

Letter from Santa Fe County to BLM 5/22/2020
regarding the required County permit

Here are timelines of our experiences with San Pedro Rock:

A page with a bit of history about their illegal expansion in 2013.