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BLM Brushpile burning

See the SPNA Bulletin Boards for info.

Burning is scheduled to start mid-November
and depends on weather conditions.

Updates will be posted on the boards, sent to the SPNA email list,
and posted on NextDoor.

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Thinning Grants

Here's a link to the Edgewood Soil and Water Conservation District
thinning/fuel reduction program.

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Gravel Pit Expansion

San Pedro Rock, which mined for quite a few years in San Lazarus Gulch, north of the fire station, is applying to BLM for a new 20-year permit to resume mining on new ground. This would greatly increase their legal mining area. They have been closed for a year or two because they ran out of good material. Approval of this plan would result in resumed mining and trucking in our neighborhood.

At present, BLM is considering their proposal and our comments.

SPNA does NOT support this 20-year expansion.

Much More Information Here

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Wildfire Assessments

County website with info on wildfire assessments
and having your property assessed.


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Some good information and opportunities

Weather Monitoring
Tree Thinning Help
Water Harvesting Help
More Information


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Some info about the 2017 fire at the BLM shooting range.

Here are photos........
..... by residents and a County firefighter.

Also screenshots from the Mad River Hotshots' 2017
YouTube video (no longer available).

Lessons Learned Report about the injury to a member
of the County Black Canyon Crew.

The County was all over it from the start,
and the Incident Commander called in a 4-engine (jet)
air tanker, a helicopter with bucket that was at Tijeras, and the
Mad River Hotshots plus other crews.

The start.....

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Thanks to one of our neighbors, we now have a presence on:



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East Mountain Interagency Fire protection Assn.

A wealth of information on fire preparedness.

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Want an assessment of your home/land regarding
fire preparedness?

Contact Aaron Western of Santa Fe County

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Hyer Cemetery
An old cemetery located immediately east of our neighborhood,
maintained by some of our residents.

More Info
Map and a list of residents
Our history

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Lessons from the Wallow Fire

A couple of great papers showing how preventive
fuel treatments and "firewise" construction and landscaping
saved numerous homes and structures.

Very important reading (and some great photos too!)

Fuel Treatment Effectiveness
(pdf   2.8 Mb)

How Fuel treatments Saved Homes
(pdf   2.8 Mb)



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